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Women of Color Against Violence

INCITE! is launching a community blog, which can be found here: http://inciteblog.wordpress.com/

The blog features items that promote a progressive or radical agenda for women of color, queer/trans people of color, and gender non-conforming people of color.

We invite you to submit announcements to post on the INCITE! blog! Announcements might include events, statements, videos, images, news articles, press releases, art, job announcements, or calls for submissions for zines, conferences, etc.  Please e-mail your announcement toincite.news@gmail.com.

Goals for the INCITE! blog can be found here:http://inciteblog.wordpress.com/about/.

Every 2-3 weeks, blog editors will list blog items and e-mail links to blog posts, which brings back the INCITE! e-newsletter.

You can subscribe to INCITE!’s e-newsletter here:


Also, please friend INCITE! on facebook:http://www.facebook.com/incitenews as another way to keep up with INCITE! news!


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